Thursday, February 03, 2011


Okay, my darling friends, you have not lived until you've seen/experienced a typical Michigan winter. Let me give you just a wee taste of it through these pictures, although I must say photographs don't truly do this most recent snow event justice. At any rate, enjoy...
Here you will see my darling hubby Cecil shoveling off our front porch, which by the way is "covered". How does a porch with a roof over it get one foot of snow? It's called drifting.

Here's a shot of our backyard. Under that mound somewhere is a nice shrubbery arrangement and birdbath.

Here's a view looking out my open garage door. Yikes. That's a lot of snow!

This is a view of my backyard. That's a stationary bench you see there, and beyond that (somewhere) there really is a swimming pool.

Here you'll see a huge mound made by our snowplow driver after he finished plowing our driveway. At the top of the mound is an odd arrangement of snow that just happens to resemble the state of Michigan - which is shaped like a mitten. Isn't that weird?


ladystorm said...

Wow thats a lot of snow..we had 20 inches Tuesday in MISSOURI!! I live in the Southwest part and we are not use to getting that much snow..I hate it I am so ready for spring!! I could never live up there where you are..brrrrrrrrrr :)

Nise' said...

It sure was a lot of snow! My pictures did not do the amount we got justice. It took three hours for us to snowblow/dig out. I have to dogsit this weekend and hope she like "to go" in deep snow! LOL

SHARLENE said...

Hi, ladies! Yes, this is a LOT of snow. Twenty inches in MISSOURI??? You're kidding.

Nise, we don't even own a snow blower. I know, how can you live in MI and not have a snow blower? We contract with a snowplow guy, and I can only imagine what January's bill is going to look like. Ugh. By the way, my collie HATES trudging through the snow. And my daughter's toy poodle refuses, so you set her outside and she poops and pees right next to the door. Very pleasant. haha