Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Writer's Daily Prayer...


On my office window sill sits the word
W R I T E in individual block letters. One day as I sat at my computer preparing myself for a day of writing, I studied this word, and suddenly the Lord inspired me to write the following heartfelt prayer. It has been the cry of my heart ever since. I thought I'd share it with you. May the Lord bless you, whether you write or not.

The Writer’s Daily Prayer

With all my heart, I thank You for the opportunity to write for You, Lord. Please grant me the talent to do it with clarity and fresh style that my words will stretch deep into my readers’ souls and make a difference for eternity.

Reach into my heart, Lord, and grant me sensitivity to understand my characters—their soul’s deep core, their wants and needs and dreams. May my sensitivity make my characters come to life for my readers and, in turn, touch a chord of emotion that will draw them into the story.

I long to write from my heart, Lord, so that I may communicate Your love and goodness to my readers. Fuel my imagination with vivid ideas and vital insights that my words will flow and I will have no doubt that You are working through me.

Teach me how to trust You in those moments when the creative juices slow and my mind grows weary. It is for You I write, so please awaken and energize my senses with fresh insights so that my readers will go in search of Your truth in the midst of my fiction.

Empower me with Your Holy Spirit, God, that I may persevere in discouragement, trust in times of fear, hope in the midst of despair, believe when doubts assail me, and rely solely on You for my strength and inspiration. In the name of Your Son Jesus, I pray. Amen.

© Sharlene MacLaren

*Feel free to print this prayer, but please give credit where credit is due. Blessings on you, my precious writing friends.