Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January 2, 2008!!! That is the first chance I've had to actually write "2008" and it feels a little weird. I wonder how many times I'll slip while writing the date. I usually pride myself for remembering it in the beginning, then long about March or April, my brain freezes and out comes the wrong year. Don't ask me why that happens. Shoot, I still remember writing my maiden name on an important paper TEN YEARS INTO THE MARRIAGE. It's random, I know.


Okay, you want to know something creepy? Here's something creepy and weird. You ready for this??? I was born in AUGUST 1948! -- Sooooo, take 2008 and subtract 1948 from it, and you'll come up with an even number, and it's a very scary, mind-blowing, even number that represents OLDER THAN A DINOSAUR. It is S-I-X-T-Y! And it doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely as 36 or 44, or even 52 did. Sixty just sort of sits there and waits for someone to help it down off the tongue. Why? Because it hurts to move at 60, that's why. Sixty makes the whole body move a little slower, hang onto railings a little tighter, watch one's step a little closer. Simply put, sixty is a real STINKER!

I know, I know, those who know me well say, "Shar, you cannot be approaching 60. You don't look THAT old!"

Thank you. I think.

Usually, after they've said this, they step back and stare at me, then they move in closer to check out my face (I KNOW THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE DOING!)--as if they're looking through the window of a very old model car and can't believe the shape it's in -- like for instance, picture a Model T automobile that miraculously still starts on the first pull. That would be me. Only it really wouldn't be me, because if I was a Model T, I can guarantee you I would NOT start on the first pull. I don't get out of bed on the first pull (ask Cec), so why would my engine start right off the bat?

So, yes, this is my big year! But that's okay. I'm not bitter. Really, I'm not. Besides, Cecil is taking me to London, England this August where I'm to meet a dear friend I've met online. It's my birthday present! He also plans to buy me a honkin' big diamond ring or a bracelet. All of this because he's making it up to me. Making what up, you ask? Well, he forgot my 50th birthday, yes, it's true, and since then he's been telling me that my 60th is going to be AMAZING!!!!! Well, actually that's a stretch------I'm the one who's been telling everyone how amazing it's going to be. Also, I confess, I've been sort of throwing out that diamond ring idea thing. You never know. It might catch on. The London part, now that's completely, absolutely going to happen -- unless the rapture comes first, or we fall and break a bone, or we get a snow storm in August and they close down virtually every airport in the U.S.

And so there you have it. I'm going to be SIXTY this year. But wait--not until August! I still have several months of the 50s left, so I think I'll live a little-starting by going back to bed!!!! Yep, I crawled out at 3:30 AM to write this! That's another thing with approaching old age. I don't sleep like a baby anymore. My mind just reels with all kinds of thoughts and ideas and plots for "next books". And when I'm not thinking about writing, I'm thinking about, well, never mind. That could be a whole different blog post!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY PRECIOUS FRIENDS AND FAM! May God bless you with abundant grace and JOY! Oh, and here's hoping all your motors start on the first crank!

Hugs and Blessings,

Above you'll see a photo of Cec and me. That was New Year's Eve 2007. I have this new computer with a handy-dandy tool that allows me to do fun things -- like wipe out blemishes and wrinkles, etc. So as you study the pic I'm sure what you'll be thinking is .... "Hm, they look at least ten years younger." hahahaha!