Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It All Started With the Electrician!

For several weeks now I've been noticing a strange odor in my office, so I've been using lots of room spray to cover the smell rather than try to identify where the smell was coming from!

But then the smoke started coming, and that's when I realized I had a faulty wall receptacle! Yow! I don't know why I didn't take a 'before' picture because the white plate was all charred. Maybe because I was too busy turning off the power to my office and calling the electrician - who said he would be there within the hour! Good, I thought. I don't want a fire. But then I started looking around my office and saw how dirty it was - even minus the lights.

The electrician is coming, the electrician is coming! Hurry! Clean this room! Well, needless to say there wasn't time for a thorough cleaning, so I just did the surface stuff and hoped he wouldn't look too close. I don't know why I cared. He was a man, after all! Do they really notice dust?

Now, here's the thing - I HATE clutter, but dust, and even a little dirt? Pfff, who cares? This is what the corner looked like behind my desk: I think I even see a couple of those gross little worms that love basement corners. Yuck!

After the electrician fixed the problem, which was a short in some wires, and replaced the charred wall plate, I decided to "go to town" on my untidy office. (Untidy sounds better than filthy.) See my pretty new wall plate - and that burn line running up the wall?

First, I swept underneath my desk and behind it, and even got rid of the bugs and worms! Then I literally just started tossing everything on the floor. Swoop! Nice, eh?

See this big book I used for research on Abbie Ann, which was several books ago? Look at the line of dust where another book had sat atop it! Ick!

And here's something else. Look at all these cameras on the floor! And that's not even counting the one I have in my hand as I snap the shot or the one I have upstairs hanging on a hook. I don't know what it is with me and cameras. I want cheap and easy, so I keep going in search of the "perfect" camera. Look! There's even a pink one there that I never took out of the box! I didn't even know it was hiding in all my "stuff"! Wow, camera, anybody?

DON'T ASK ME WHY, but I keep this little 'formula' on my white board - I think for purposes of torturing myself. I was able to achieve this at one time, so I seem to want to remind myself of that feat and tell myself to get busy and DO IT AGAIN!

Oh, and then while decluttering, I found some things I can't identify. Like this 'round thing'. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT? ANYBODY? I'm too scared to throw it away, though. What if it's important? (It's in my catch-all box.)

So...it appears I'm finished. My little office is once again, neat, tidy, and spotlessly clean, yes, even dusted! Want to see some pics of the finished project? I took some pics of various angles. I love old photos so several take up one wall. On another wall are a few awards I've gotten in the past couple of years. On my windowsill are the letters: WRITE - to remind me. In one corner is Peyton's chair. He stayed clear of my room while I was on this cleaning rampage, though.
I love the two photographs on my shelf. They are of my mom and her two sisters and then moons later my two cousins and me. Kind of cool, eh? P.S. Thanks for indulging me! Love you all!!!