Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is Peyton's chair - and then along comes 'the cat'!

Are you attached to a certain church pew, so much so that if newcomers enter the sanctuary ahead of you and happen to sit in YOUR pew, you almost cringe? You want to walk up to them and say, "Uh, pardon me, but that's been my pew since 1969. Do you mind?" Ha! Slight exaggeration, but still, it may ring a bit of truth to some of you.

We grow so accustomed to our little worlds, you know, our space encircled by a pretty yellow ribbon bearing the word COMFORT, and we don't want to leave this 'zone' for fear of having to learn something new. And, oh my! far be it from us to even think of moving over and sharing or, worse, getting up and giving someone else what we believe is rightfully ours.

I think Peyton should share that chair, just get down and allow Mocha to snuggle in and enjoy its warmth. Is there anything in "your world" you can't imagine giving up? Is God perhaps nudging you to share a little more, sacrifice your time, money, or gifts? Are you surrendering EVERYTHING to Him, saying, "Here it is, God, all of it. It's Yours. Take it and allow it to touch as many people as You see fit."? Are you doing that? If you're not, then you're missing out on the blessing of a lifetime.

Your Master wants to honor you for your faithfulness. Sometimes it's scary giving in and giving up, but when you do it wholeheartedly, something in your heart breaks free, and life suddenly becomes more about others and less about you.

You can trust Your Master. What you give away will come back to bless you tenfold.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today, I caught Peyton sniffing out a dead rabbit in our backyard! (Poor, poor bunny.) Since I didn't want to gross you out, I didn't snap a photo of him in the act. Aren't you glad? So, here he is looking all innocent, but bear in mind looks are deceiving.

Peyton wanted to go out, so I opened the door for him and he headed out to do his "business", but something waylaid him. As I was watching him out the window, I could see that at the back of the yard he had found "something" interesting, and I got that weird, churning feeling in my stomach that it was the sort of "something" I didn't want to investigate. So, I went to the door and called him, but all he did was look up at me and then go right back to whatever it was that had caught his attention. Oh, this could NOT be good. My first thought was that he'd found a little playmate, like a mouse, perhaps? And that would have been a huge UGH! for me, as I HATE dem critters more than liver and onions! Okay, I'll make a confession. I have a mouse PHOBIA! (Don't even tell me they're cute and furry.)

When Peyton continued ignoring me, I stepped outside and called him again, but, still, he didn't want to come, acting now like he hadn't even heard my voice. That stinker, I thought, so I inched a bit closer and put a stern tone in my voice. "Peyton, come!" This time, he turned and ran to me. That's when I saw what had him so doggone enthralled. It was a dead rabbit. Flies had started in on it and who knows what else? (Hubby later said the thing was hard and stiff as a board and not at all mauled, so, no, Peyton, my peace-loving Peyton, did not kill it.) I took Peyton in the house and told him he couldn't go back out till that dead critter was gone!

Sometimes we humans like to sniff out stuff that is truly bad for us. The temptation comes at us so strongly we can't resist it. Maybe we give into it, this utterly intriguing thing, because it seems so harmless, even though we sense a tug at our conscience, which is really God's voice of warning. We shove that "voice" aside to quench our thirst for excitement and satisfy our plaguing curiosity. Did you know that if you're smart enough to recognize and obey God's voice you can avoid a myriad of hurtful situations, things that can lead you down a dangerous path and cause you undue harm and suffering?

Stay on guard, my friends, and heed the voice of the One who ALWAYS has your best interest in mind. We have a loving, faithful Master. Let's, in turn, honor Him with our faithful obedience.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


PEYTON CAN BE SUCH A NAUGHTY BOY! (But I love him anyway...)

This is Peyton after I sequestered him to his chair because he had just chewed a hole through one of my BEST cardigan sweaters. Look at those mournful eyes.

I always think I'm watching Peyton like a hawk watches for its prey, but there are those times when I turn my back, become engrossed in one chore or another, or simply think I can trust him for more than five minutes, and I fail to step in before disaster strikes. This is one of those times.

I was sitting at my computer in my little office, both doors closed, Peyton at my feet chewing. Because I was concentrating on a scene in my book, his chewing noise actually lulled me, as in fooled me into thinking he was gnawing on one of his myriad of dog toys scattered about - bones, rubber balls, stuffed toys, squeaky thingies, you name it. All of Petco's toy department is on my office floor!!!! This is a spoiled dog!

BUT, what he was really delighting in was my favorite white sweater, you know, the kind you always reach for first in your closet because it literally goes with everything and is just so darned comfortable! Plus, it's flattering and downright pretty. Not anymore. It is now at the bottom of my wastebasket - sigh - and I'm AGAIN learning a lesson from my naughty dog.

Do you know we are all naughty humans? At least I am. I goof up all the stinkin' time, say I'm going to do one thing and do another, promise myself I'll act one way and do just the opposite, try my best not to disappoint others and myself but then quickly fall flat on my nose.

What's a human to do anyway? I have it! Look to the ultimate Master (Jesus Christ) for guidance, direction, and even EXPECT the occasional disciplinary action for our wrongdoings. Eventually we learn that He knows best, and when He says not to do something He generally means it and has a good reason for it.

God loves us unconditionally, my friends, no matter what we do or say, but He also wants us to grow up in Him, learn from our mistakes, obey His calling, and allow Him to take the lead.

Have you learned to trust and obey this kind and gentle Master?

Saturday, September 04, 2010


A Tender New Addition From a Fabulous Author! - September 4, 2010
By "Buukluvr" Molly (Willow Spring, NC - USA) *SEE ALL MY REVIEWS AT AMAZON!

This is an excellent novel written by an excellent author! I love Sharlene MacLaren's work. This is such a different story from the previous 3 of her books I read...."The Daughters of Jacob Kane". She is super talented and knows how to capture her readers' hearts. She really did a wonderful job with this story, blending heartache and pain, love and family, friendship and forgiveness, humor and faith all into one incredible story, making this a story perfect for anyone!

The way Sharlene created Rachel and Jason's characters was phenomenal. They shared a pain so great that I could feel it in my own heart and cried with them. I loved both of these fabulous characters til the very last page and they are still in my heart! I will never forget these amazing people from this book. The love of God shines through them and their families and spills over onto the reader, as you witness the heartache, forgiveness and letting go of the past. And I absolutely can not leave out my most favorite character from this novel....the little sugar plum fairy, Meaggie! SHE WAS ADORABLE! She really added to the tenderness of this story, and that was what topped it off for me, making this an unforgettable read!

So, with glowing *5-star* praise, I most definitely recommend this book to EVERYONE. There is a message of faith, forgiveness and overcoming heartache that will last in your heart for a very long time. And, if you have never read a Sharlene MacLaren book, don't miss out on this one! It's an excellent place to start. If you're already a Shar fan, then this is a tender addition to your collection! I can't wait for the next amazing book from this fascinating author!

You can pick up your copy at many Christian Bookstores, Barnes & Noble, and at all online venues!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This is Peyton's chair, the place he comes to when he needs comfort and rest.

Peyton is a "fraidy-dog". He's been afraid of most everything since the day I got him. I will never know what's made him so fearful of things, whether his worries are learned or genetic, but I do know I've come to view him as needy and dependent. It's fine with me, but I've had to tell myself not to coddle him over every little thing, just say, "It's all right, no biggie. There's nothing dangerous about that bouncing ball or that airplane or the garbage truck or that stranger walking by." When he hides behind my leg I have to give him a single, gentle pat on the head, reassure him with a word or two, and then ignore him because he must learn to trust things without my constant babying. That's what I'm told by books I've read and from an experienced trainer. Sure, I want to put all 60# of him in my lap and hug all his fears away, but what would he learn from that other than to constantly run to me when his world goes a little topsy-turvy? No, there comes a point where he must learn to trust his environment.

We can take our worries and fears and cares to the Lord, but there comes a time when we must say, "Hey, I've prayed about this, I know God's in control, He's not going to let anything happen to me that isn't supposed to happen. I can trust Him and His Word without crying over every little detail of life. He's been faithful to me in the past - and He will continue to be faithful tomorrow and the next day." That's called maturity, growing up in your faith.

Ever find yourself fretting, giving the matter over to the Lord, then taking it right back? An old hymn says it best: "Bring your burden to the Lord and leave it there." Oh, if we could just grasp hold of that concept.

God is our loving, generous, compassionate Master. Let us learn to give up control of our lives, trust in the Lord's all-sufficient grace, and surrender to His gentle leading.