Thursday, May 17, 2012


Intricately Woven...

Anything that is intricately woven takes time, energy, patience, and sometimes even a wee bit of pain. Agreed?

I was just talking to a friend today whose house has been on the market for a few months and hasn't gotten the first "bite" yet. They've already moved, and they NEED to sell. I tried to encourage her, although in times like these it's hard to know what to say. "God's timing is everything," I told her. "Maybe the right person just hasn't come along yet. Maybe he's trying to sell his house. Maybe he lives in another state and will shortly move here - and your house is exactly what he needs." We just don't know why or how these situations come together, but eventually they do work themselves out if we remain patient in our waiting. And, of course, it's best when we trust our Creator with the details.

Take this beautifully woven design for example. Do you think its creator knitted/crocheted/stitched it in one sitting? Do you think she wove it together while watching a rerun of Mash or I love Lucy? Did she wake up one day and say, "I think I'll quick throw together a lovely little blanket."? No, this beautiful piece took hours of effort, patience, dedication, and passion.

Whatever it is you're working toward, whatever your goals, your aims, your desires, don't assume they'll come to fruition overnight. Everything, especially anything of quality, takes time and abundant patience. And if you're in that waiting mode, then don't grow weary in your waiting. Take a deep breath and know it will come to pass in its own good time.

Trust your Creator to give you what you need for every circumstance of life. His plans for you are already intricately woven together, but He sometimes only reveals the finished piece in tiny sections. When you're patient and trusting, you can often look back at the finished work and say, "Wow, now I see exactly why it had to work the way it did."

"Lord, give me patience and endurance for the days and weeks ahead. May I learn to trust You better and trust you with the intricate details of my life, knowing intricately woven things take time and patience. In Your Name I pray. Amen."