Sunday, October 30, 2011



Well, I'm sure you have, or at least you think you have, especially if you have children of your own - or grandchildren! Don't we all think our own "babies" are God's finest creations? My latest grandchild (our fourth) came to us just 8 days ago, and he has already brought us untold joy!

Here's the thing: God must surely look down on each of us and say to Himself, "Oh, what a fine creation. How I delight in him/her!" Does He play favorites? Does He think less of one of His children than another? Never! We are all EQUALLY precious in His sight. Oh, I'm sure we disappoint Him in much the way children sometimes disappoint their earthly parents. Consider how much earthly parents continue loving their children right through their failures and shortcomings, and then multiply that love by a million or two, and you might come close to discovering just how deeply your Heavenly Father loves YOU!

God loves with an everlasting love. Nothing we do can ever separate us from that love. Need proof of that? Read Romans 8!

Now...take one more peek at my new grandbaby! Isn't he the most perfect little guy you've ever laid eyes on? (Haha - I couldn't resist!)