Sunday, May 17, 2009


See, here's the thing, I know enough to get by on the computer, but I also know enough to do a lot of damage. Sometimes I am apt to just push a button here, a button there (because I think I've reached a level of smartness), only to discover I can't get back to the place I started, which is the beginning! Can I get an Amen? I have literally stared at this computer for heart-stopping minutes, praying that God would lend guidance to the situation, particularly when something very important--like, say, a MANUSCRIPT of all things--has disappeared from my screen and I can't figure out where it went. YOW, it's enough to make my heart go into spasms.

And here's something else. I don't know how I got that handy-dandy little feature up there in the right hand corner of my screen that says "FOLLOWERS". (I think I remember one day saying to myself, "What's a widget? That's a very cute word. I think I'll click on it." And so I did, and look what popped up. In fact, I looked today and realized I HAVE 16 FOLLOWERS. I love this nice, lovely feature---however it got there---but I have one little question, and here it is: People, why are you following me? I don't know anything, and I truly haven't said much of anything worth reading. Still, I think it's awfully cool, so don't stop on my account! And by the way, I recently discovered I have lurkers reading my blog who don't know how to leave comments. COME ON, PEOPLE, IF I CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO CREATE A BLOG, YOU CAN LEAVE ME A COMMENT. Just click on 'comments' and start writing in the box. If you don't have an account create one--or I think you can just click on 'ANONYMOUS'.

I have friends who can do all kinds of things with their computers--like build beautiful websites, which take up their whole screen. How come my blog page is so skinny? It's the only skinny thing about me--my blog. Other people can make their blogs stretch wide across the screen. Also, I can't make my photos go where I want them to go. They just go straight to the top of my page and refuse to move. Some people arrange their pics in all sizes and places on their page. What's up with that?

And on this topic of technology - yes, that is what I'm sputtering about, what is with cell phones these days? I thought they invented them to talk on. Why must we now treat them as typewriters, ur...what's a typewriter? Pardon me. Why must we treat them as computers and type on their midget-sized keys? My daughter will say, "Mom, I texted you a message," to which I'll say, "Why didn't you CALL me? It's a P-H-O-N-E!"

Today, for hubby's birthday, my kids got him a universal remote for our big screen TV. (Yes, we have one of those honkers, but it's very hard to turn on because it requires lots of remotes.) Now, supposedly we can toss them all aside and just rely on this ONE remote. By the way, Cecil ain't no genius when it comes to things technical; although, he's better than me by a long stretch. Whereas it used to take him 10 minutes to finally get the DVD rolling once he went through all the directions, now he/we should be able to hit play within a minute. Or two. Hmmm.

The kids say, "Mom, even YOU will be able to watch a movie with this remote." Thank you...I think.

We'll see. I'm sure I'll figure out a way to screw it up.


Friday, May 15, 2009


Like the lingo in my title? haha. It's very out of character for me - since I AM an oldster, but I thought I'd try it out on you anyway.

All that to say this:
I AM TRULY PRAISING MY LORD AND SAVIOR, as two of my books, Long Journey Home and Through Every Storm, have been translated into Spanish for a fall/Christmas season release. Wal*Mart intends to place them in areas with concentrated Hispanic populations.

So...if you happen to know any Spanish-speaking individuals who struggle to read English Christian fiction these books are now available at Amazon(dot)com for pre-order. You can also go to ChristianBook(dot)com.

As with all my books, my constant prayer is that God will use my meager words to help spread His love, hope, and redemptive message.

The cover designs are the same (I'll show them to you in their English versions), but the titles are in Spanish! Long Journey Home is Un Largo Camino a Casa and Through Every Storm is En Medio de la Tormenta. Cool, eh? Oh, I just thought of another word, and here it is: I'M


Thursday, May 07, 2009

GAVIN AND I WERE IN AN ACCIDENT -- but we're still alive!!!!!


I'd like to blame my age, but I've always lacked in the coordination department. Well, today I'm sporting a black eye to prove my inability to walk in a straight line. Ha!

And here is the UGLY, and I mean UGLY, photo of it (and me), taken with my computer lens. Even without a black eye, these computer cameras are for the birds! Does it make any difference to you that I didn't have on a particle of makeup? It does to me, and I'll show you why in a second.

Now for the story of what happened:

I was chasing my one-year-old grandson Gavin yesterday playing..."I'm gonna get you!...". I mean what grandma doesn't play that game, right? Anyway, when I scooped him up we tripped, ur, I tripped. (Looking back, I believe I actually stepped out of my stupid, loose sandal, turning my ankle.) All I really know is one second we were playing in the driveway, and the next, we were lying flat out, he screaming from the goose egg he'd acquired when his head met the pavement, and me moaning when the left side of my face scraped the pitted driveway. I also have a bruised up arm, elbow, and leg, which you won't get the pleasure of seeing. I know, I know, you're deeply disappointed by that. All in all, though, I'm a mess! I'm throwing away those sandals, too! Dumb things. It's all their fault. (By the way, Gavin is fine. His goose egg amounted to nothing more than a couple of scratch marks today. I think I fared worse because I was instinctively trying to protect him, so I took the brunt - as any grandma would.)

Now, here's the cool thing: I took one look in the mirror this morning and groaned, "I'm not going anywhere today! Even Cecil looked at me and in that pathetic tone of his and said, "Oooooh, Babe."

Well, I dragged out my cosmetic bag, of which I have some very dandy, somewhat expensive, makeup called Bare Escentuals. Ever hear of it? Everything is in powder form, and the foundation is, well, almost magical. (This sounds like a commercial.) Granted it's rather caked on the "strawberry" mark I got across my cheek and under my eye, so you'll see the white powerdy glow, but...look at my transformation. I might even go out in public today!

I didn't touch up the photo. What you see where that white sheen is is a thick layer of powder foundation.

In fact, I'll take another photo with my computer screen, so you can really see the comparison in black and white.

You all ought to run out to your nearest Bare Escentuals store -- or look online. (Ebay has it!) This stuff works.

P.S. Sorry, men. I should have warned you this was for women only. But wait! MOTHER'S DAY IS COMING!!!!!!

Hugs and love...

When you look at the black and whites taken from the computer lens it is like looking in a mirror; the color pic was taken with my digital, thereby reversing the image. In other words, we're used to looking at snapshots and looking at, say a right cheek when we're actually looking at a left cheek. Your brain makes the reversal for you. In the three shots of me, you're actually looking at my left cheek (on my FACE, people!!!) in all three photos, even though it seems as if I turned my face another direction. Make sense?

Another P.S. I just realized this could win some sort of award for being the STUPIDEST BLOG IN BLOGWORLD!