Tuesday, February 28, 2012





A courageous young woman seeking refuge...

Ellie Booth was never the type to run away. But she'd witnessed her stepfather commit a heartless crime, and, knowing he'll stop at nothing to keep her quiet, she has no choice but to flee. Soon, she finds herself in Wabash, Indiana, scrambling for a cover identity to evade her stepfather. For lack of a better option, she answers an ad for a wife/housekeeper/nanny, praying that her lack of experience won't be obvious.

A widowed father with no domestic skills to speak of...

Gage Cooper is reaching the end of his rope. With four children between the ages of three and ten, he needs a reliable nanny, yet each one he's hired has thrown up her hands and deserted her post. When an attractive, spirited young woman applies for the "job," he knows he should pray about the matter, but his desperation for help propels him headlong into a marriage of convenience.

A trial by fire of their wedding vows...

Ellie immediately falls in love with the Cooper children, and, not long after, with their father. Soon, the "marriage of convenience" becomes less of a business arrangement as husband and wife yield to an attraction neither one had expected. When secrets of the past and dangers of the present arise in their lives, their marriage is put to the test, and God alone knows what will become of their union.


Monday, February 27, 2012


We've all heard that phrase a time or two; in fact, someone even wrote a song by the same title!

Don't worry; be happy. There's a lot of wisdom in that little phrase. I Peter 5:7 & 8 says, "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. Be self-controlled and alert."

Why do you think that verse ends with be self-controlled and alert? I think I have an idea. Worry can be toxic not only to ourselves but to others, especially if in our worry we grumble, complain, and fret aloud. Our attitude of worry can release itself to others and give off an almost poisonous stench, pushing people away from us. Instead, we need to project our worry toward God, the One true source of comfort, encouragement, and peace. Today has enough struggles of its own without trying to figure out tomorrow! Check out Matthew 6:34: "Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

If worry snags hold of you, gripping you from the inside out, cast it away in Jesus' Name. It is not of God! Worry is a stronghold that can drag you down a path of doom and darkness. On the other hand, don't beat yourself up if it sneaks up on you. Simply cast it aside again--and again if needs be. God understands your human weakness, and He wants to help you with your tendency to worry. He awaits your attention, so turn your thoughts toward Him whenever worry begins to take hold. He INVITES and DELIGHTS in your dependence on Him, especially in those times of struggle.

Don't worry; be happy. Perhaps easier said than done, but with prayer and practice, you can find the kind of joy you desire to make it through the rough times. GOD IS FAITHFUL, AND HIS WORD NEVER FAILS.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Did you know you are loved? The Bible tells us so...

We suffered a great loss on Saturday afternoon when Whitney Houston died, but I believe in my heart of hearts that Heaven gained a precious soul. It's no secret that Whitney Houston lived a life of tremendous ups and woeful downs, that fame, fortune, and poor choices led her down a treacherous path - one that would eventually point to her demise.

How could one who claimed to love the Lord be so mislead?

Perhaps we'll never know the answer to that loaded question, but this one thing we can know; Jesus loves His children, and those who come to Him in humbleness of spirit and with repentant hearts, seeking His forgiveness, will spend eternity with Him.

Whitney Houston often spoke about the Lord, even in her most tumultuous times. God's grace is far reaching, everlasting, immeasurable, uncontainable, irreversible, all-encompassing, and unchanging. We can't grasp its completeness because it's beyond our understanding, but we can KNOW He loves us because the Bible tells us. Christians are not perfect beings. Knowing Christ doesn't make one exempt from error or future sin, but it does save us from eternal damnation. I'm so thankful for God's soul saving grace.

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know - for the Bible Tells Me So. Such a simple little song - yet packed with powerful truth. Click on the link and listen to Whitney sing it from her heart.

Thursday, February 09, 2012



If you had your choice, which umbrella would you rather stand under? Think about it...

Our church has launched an 8-week, 40-day study in which we all hope to read through the entire New Testament. During the week we come together with our "growth groups" to discuss our reading and what passages may have stood out or raised a question. Our pastor (Pete Yoshonis) is presenting some fabulous coordinating sermons, and it's a blessing to know that several hundred of us are all plugging along together, hoping to read the entire N.T. over the next eight weeks. (I'm on schedule now. Let's see how I'm doing five weeks from now. Yikes!) My overachieving hubby has already read it in full, and is now starting over!

Anyway, our pastor blogged on the same topic I'm touching on today - this matter of faith, grace, and healing.

One Sunday our congregation was blessed to sit under the tutelage of Ed Dobson, former pastor of Grand Rapids Calvary Church, a large body of believers. He discussed with us his ongoing, grueling battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). He recalled conversations related to healing. Some well-meaning friends suggested that perhaps he lacked faith enough to be healed.  They informed him that his lack of faith had undoubtedly raised a barrier between him and God. (Sad, isn't it?)

I have listened to these kinds of conversations myself while going through difficult times and questioning within why God didn't just heal me - did I not have enough faith? It does seem people want to reduce healing to "if you just believe, you will receive".

If all that negative talk discouraged Reverend Dobson, he didn't let on. No, instead he shared a most relevant concept that has stayed with me since his visit some two or more years ago. He recalled the story in Luke regarding the blind man pushing his way through the crowd and calling out in a loud, clear voice, "Jesus! King of David! Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me."

"Did he ask for healing?" Reverend Dobson asked. "No, he asked for mercy." He went on to say, "I don't know if I have enough faith to be healed, but I do know that God has more than enough mercy for me."

He added, "God has given me the mercy I need each day in the midst of this hard journey."

Are YOU finding God's grace and mercy sufficient for your needs? Click on the picture above to enlarge it and read the wonderful words in this age-old hymn. If that doesn't encourage you I don't know what will.

Be BLESSED, my precious friends. God's grace is sufficient, no matter your need."

Monday, February 06, 2012


Ever feel like Garfield when Monday rolls around?

Mondays are difficult for me. Some people start their weeks with zeal and zest whereas I tend to start them with ZIP, ZERO, and ZILCH. Even despite my Sunday afternoon snooze, which should get me energized for launching my week, I still have a hard time jumping back into my daily routine. By Tuesday I'm fine again. Maybe we should just cut out Mondays, what do you think?

Looks to me like Garfield agrees.

At any rate, I HAVE to pull myself out of this funk and get back to writing. That June 1 deadline will sneak up on me before I know it - and speaking of June, well, that represents warmth and sunshine and summer! Maybe it's the "black and white" winter that plays into my Monday doldrums.

Anybody else besides Garfield and me out there who'd like to eliminate Monday from the calendar? I might get a lot more done. Then again - Tuesday would become the new Monday, so never mind that idea.

Okay, I think it's time for a stretch and some caffeine. "HAPPY" Monday, everyone! And look on the bright side. Mondays only come around every seven days. LOVE YOU ALL!