Monday, February 13, 2012


Did you know you are loved? The Bible tells us so...

We suffered a great loss on Saturday afternoon when Whitney Houston died, but I believe in my heart of hearts that Heaven gained a precious soul. It's no secret that Whitney Houston lived a life of tremendous ups and woeful downs, that fame, fortune, and poor choices led her down a treacherous path - one that would eventually point to her demise.

How could one who claimed to love the Lord be so mislead?

Perhaps we'll never know the answer to that loaded question, but this one thing we can know; Jesus loves His children, and those who come to Him in humbleness of spirit and with repentant hearts, seeking His forgiveness, will spend eternity with Him.

Whitney Houston often spoke about the Lord, even in her most tumultuous times. God's grace is far reaching, everlasting, immeasurable, uncontainable, irreversible, all-encompassing, and unchanging. We can't grasp its completeness because it's beyond our understanding, but we can KNOW He loves us because the Bible tells us. Christians are not perfect beings. Knowing Christ doesn't make one exempt from error or future sin, but it does save us from eternal damnation. I'm so thankful for God's soul saving grace.

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know - for the Bible Tells Me So. Such a simple little song - yet packed with powerful truth. Click on the link and listen to Whitney sing it from her heart.

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