Monday, February 06, 2012


Ever feel like Garfield when Monday rolls around?

Mondays are difficult for me. Some people start their weeks with zeal and zest whereas I tend to start them with ZIP, ZERO, and ZILCH. Even despite my Sunday afternoon snooze, which should get me energized for launching my week, I still have a hard time jumping back into my daily routine. By Tuesday I'm fine again. Maybe we should just cut out Mondays, what do you think?

Looks to me like Garfield agrees.

At any rate, I HAVE to pull myself out of this funk and get back to writing. That June 1 deadline will sneak up on me before I know it - and speaking of June, well, that represents warmth and sunshine and summer! Maybe it's the "black and white" winter that plays into my Monday doldrums.

Anybody else besides Garfield and me out there who'd like to eliminate Monday from the calendar? I might get a lot more done. Then again - Tuesday would become the new Monday, so never mind that idea.

Okay, I think it's time for a stretch and some caffeine. "HAPPY" Monday, everyone! And look on the bright side. Mondays only come around every seven days. LOVE YOU ALL!


Nora Zarate Hodges said...

Sometimes on Monday morning I feel like something amazing is supposed to happen- to get me started me for the new week. It never happens but I have a feeling something should.

SHARLENE said...

Great way to look at Mondays, Nora. I could take a lesson from you!