Thursday, September 09, 2010


PEYTON CAN BE SUCH A NAUGHTY BOY! (But I love him anyway...)

This is Peyton after I sequestered him to his chair because he had just chewed a hole through one of my BEST cardigan sweaters. Look at those mournful eyes.

I always think I'm watching Peyton like a hawk watches for its prey, but there are those times when I turn my back, become engrossed in one chore or another, or simply think I can trust him for more than five minutes, and I fail to step in before disaster strikes. This is one of those times.

I was sitting at my computer in my little office, both doors closed, Peyton at my feet chewing. Because I was concentrating on a scene in my book, his chewing noise actually lulled me, as in fooled me into thinking he was gnawing on one of his myriad of dog toys scattered about - bones, rubber balls, stuffed toys, squeaky thingies, you name it. All of Petco's toy department is on my office floor!!!! This is a spoiled dog!

BUT, what he was really delighting in was my favorite white sweater, you know, the kind you always reach for first in your closet because it literally goes with everything and is just so darned comfortable! Plus, it's flattering and downright pretty. Not anymore. It is now at the bottom of my wastebasket - sigh - and I'm AGAIN learning a lesson from my naughty dog.

Do you know we are all naughty humans? At least I am. I goof up all the stinkin' time, say I'm going to do one thing and do another, promise myself I'll act one way and do just the opposite, try my best not to disappoint others and myself but then quickly fall flat on my nose.

What's a human to do anyway? I have it! Look to the ultimate Master (Jesus Christ) for guidance, direction, and even EXPECT the occasional disciplinary action for our wrongdoings. Eventually we learn that He knows best, and when He says not to do something He generally means it and has a good reason for it.

God loves us unconditionally, my friends, no matter what we do or say, but He also wants us to grow up in Him, learn from our mistakes, obey His calling, and allow Him to take the lead.

Have you learned to trust and obey this kind and gentle Master?


Nise' said...

Oh my goodness! I've been spoken to through this post. I have been off in the corner chewing on something I have no business chewing on and need to let go.

Off to take a walk and talk it over with the One who wants the slobbered mess.

SHARLENE said...

Oh, Nise', yes, yes, He wants every bit of that burden you're carrying. He wants you to hand over every last piece of it because His shoulders are so much bigger and stronger and capable. Let it go - and then LET GOD. Something good will come from this, whatever it is, if you simply loosen up your hold. (*Romans 8:28)

Love you, dearest!


Anne Payne said...

Sharlene, I think I enjoy reading your blog more than anyone else's. I have watched a couple of your youtube videos, and I can just hear your voice telling me these things. Sometimes we all need to be reminded to not be chewing on something. Thank you for your obedience to the One who saves and redeems us! Love seeing photos of Peyton :) He's just beautiful!

SHARLENE said...

Awww, Anne, you DO??? But, I'm so honored. Wait! This must mean you share my sense of humor? I read your comment over on Carmen Boley's blog that you think I'm so funny. Hehe. I'll admit I do love making people laugh.

And, oh, I APOLOGIZE if you watched my YouTubes! I have no idea why I make those things. Just every once in a while I get this little nudge to "go make a fool of myself" for ALL to view. Who does that?

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by, dear Anne. Love and Hugs...