Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This is Peyton's chair, the place he comes to when he needs comfort and rest.

Peyton is a "fraidy-dog". He's been afraid of most everything since the day I got him. I will never know what's made him so fearful of things, whether his worries are learned or genetic, but I do know I've come to view him as needy and dependent. It's fine with me, but I've had to tell myself not to coddle him over every little thing, just say, "It's all right, no biggie. There's nothing dangerous about that bouncing ball or that airplane or the garbage truck or that stranger walking by." When he hides behind my leg I have to give him a single, gentle pat on the head, reassure him with a word or two, and then ignore him because he must learn to trust things without my constant babying. That's what I'm told by books I've read and from an experienced trainer. Sure, I want to put all 60# of him in my lap and hug all his fears away, but what would he learn from that other than to constantly run to me when his world goes a little topsy-turvy? No, there comes a point where he must learn to trust his environment.

We can take our worries and fears and cares to the Lord, but there comes a time when we must say, "Hey, I've prayed about this, I know God's in control, He's not going to let anything happen to me that isn't supposed to happen. I can trust Him and His Word without crying over every little detail of life. He's been faithful to me in the past - and He will continue to be faithful tomorrow and the next day." That's called maturity, growing up in your faith.

Ever find yourself fretting, giving the matter over to the Lord, then taking it right back? An old hymn says it best: "Bring your burden to the Lord and leave it there." Oh, if we could just grasp hold of that concept.

God is our loving, generous, compassionate Master. Let us learn to give up control of our lives, trust in the Lord's all-sufficient grace, and surrender to His gentle leading.


Nise' said...

So I guess there will be no noise makers, sparklers or candles on Peyton's birthday cake. ;o)

I love the life lessons the Lord brings to mind through our pets.

SHARLENE said...

Hi, Nise! Yep, we can learn a lot through our pets because the only way they survive is through trusting us. We need that sort of mindset, don't we - simple trust.

Nise, I would love to give you a copy of Tender Vow because, guess what...your endorsement is on the inside cover! Want to send me your address so I can mail you a copy?