Saturday, September 04, 2010


A Tender New Addition From a Fabulous Author! - September 4, 2010
By "Buukluvr" Molly (Willow Spring, NC - USA) *SEE ALL MY REVIEWS AT AMAZON!

This is an excellent novel written by an excellent author! I love Sharlene MacLaren's work. This is such a different story from the previous 3 of her books I read...."The Daughters of Jacob Kane". She is super talented and knows how to capture her readers' hearts. She really did a wonderful job with this story, blending heartache and pain, love and family, friendship and forgiveness, humor and faith all into one incredible story, making this a story perfect for anyone!

The way Sharlene created Rachel and Jason's characters was phenomenal. They shared a pain so great that I could feel it in my own heart and cried with them. I loved both of these fabulous characters til the very last page and they are still in my heart! I will never forget these amazing people from this book. The love of God shines through them and their families and spills over onto the reader, as you witness the heartache, forgiveness and letting go of the past. And I absolutely can not leave out my most favorite character from this novel....the little sugar plum fairy, Meaggie! SHE WAS ADORABLE! She really added to the tenderness of this story, and that was what topped it off for me, making this an unforgettable read!

So, with glowing *5-star* praise, I most definitely recommend this book to EVERYONE. There is a message of faith, forgiveness and overcoming heartache that will last in your heart for a very long time. And, if you have never read a Sharlene MacLaren book, don't miss out on this one! It's an excellent place to start. If you're already a Shar fan, then this is a tender addition to your collection! I can't wait for the next amazing book from this fascinating author!

You can pick up your copy at many Christian Bookstores, Barnes & Noble, and at all online venues!


The Priolas said...

I loved, loved loved this book! Will there be a sequel? There has to be!

SHARLENE said...

Well, thank you very much, "the Priolas". So glad to hear you enjoyed this book. I'm sincerely humbled. As for the sequel, hmm, nothing is in the works at this point. Got any ideas for me? Which character did you think needed to have his/her own story?