Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today, I caught Peyton sniffing out a dead rabbit in our backyard! (Poor, poor bunny.) Since I didn't want to gross you out, I didn't snap a photo of him in the act. Aren't you glad? So, here he is looking all innocent, but bear in mind looks are deceiving.

Peyton wanted to go out, so I opened the door for him and he headed out to do his "business", but something waylaid him. As I was watching him out the window, I could see that at the back of the yard he had found "something" interesting, and I got that weird, churning feeling in my stomach that it was the sort of "something" I didn't want to investigate. So, I went to the door and called him, but all he did was look up at me and then go right back to whatever it was that had caught his attention. Oh, this could NOT be good. My first thought was that he'd found a little playmate, like a mouse, perhaps? And that would have been a huge UGH! for me, as I HATE dem critters more than liver and onions! Okay, I'll make a confession. I have a mouse PHOBIA! (Don't even tell me they're cute and furry.)

When Peyton continued ignoring me, I stepped outside and called him again, but, still, he didn't want to come, acting now like he hadn't even heard my voice. That stinker, I thought, so I inched a bit closer and put a stern tone in my voice. "Peyton, come!" This time, he turned and ran to me. That's when I saw what had him so doggone enthralled. It was a dead rabbit. Flies had started in on it and who knows what else? (Hubby later said the thing was hard and stiff as a board and not at all mauled, so, no, Peyton, my peace-loving Peyton, did not kill it.) I took Peyton in the house and told him he couldn't go back out till that dead critter was gone!

Sometimes we humans like to sniff out stuff that is truly bad for us. The temptation comes at us so strongly we can't resist it. Maybe we give into it, this utterly intriguing thing, because it seems so harmless, even though we sense a tug at our conscience, which is really God's voice of warning. We shove that "voice" aside to quench our thirst for excitement and satisfy our plaguing curiosity. Did you know that if you're smart enough to recognize and obey God's voice you can avoid a myriad of hurtful situations, things that can lead you down a dangerous path and cause you undue harm and suffering?

Stay on guard, my friends, and heed the voice of the One who ALWAYS has your best interest in mind. We have a loving, faithful Master. Let's, in turn, honor Him with our faithful obedience.


Nise' said...

I love your heart my friend!

SHARLENE said...

Nise', I love YOURS!

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!