Tuesday, January 26, 2010


God rarely, if ever, hurries. His steps are usually planned and deliberate (He knows right where He's going), as He takes us by the hand and leads us along. He loves to walk slowly and talk quietly, so don't go ahead of him, and keep your ears tuned in for His still, small voice.

Ever wonder why you haven't yet received an answer to that long ago, heartfelt prayer, why it seems God isn't even listening half the time, or why we even keep asking it, since He doesn't appear to be paying attention anyway?

VALID QUESTIONS. Let me tell you you're not alone. Take a second to put yourself in the place of our Christian brothers and sisters, the faithful, God-fearing, Christ-filled Haitians who lost everything. I read of a Wesleyan church down there who was known for its DAILY prayer meetings, attended by a THOUSAND people (can you imagine?), GONE, the building and everything, and half the people unaccounted for.

God, I don't mean to be a doubting dodo here, but what were You thinking?

His steps are planned and deliberate. That is, he ALWAYS knows what He's doing. We may not like it sometimes, but He's GOD--KING of the MOUNTAIN. He decides what to allow and disallow, and everything for a purpose, hard as that may be to accept.

"For we know that ALL things work together for good to those who love the Lord, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

But lest you think all the sadness lies in Haiti, think again. All you have to do is look out your back window, drive past a deserted, run-down neighborhood, check out the myriad of "For Sale" signs and realize that many of them are foreclosures, seek out the "Help Wanted" ads and find few, and, last, search deep into the eyes of insecure children who've been listening to their parents' money squabbles. (We think they don't know?)

Fear, worry, hopelessness, despair, sorrow--they're everywhere, BUT...

If ever there was a time to stop panicking, slow down, listen for God's direction and wait for answers, it is NOW. He is like a tree planted by a river, supplying us with IMMOVALBLE strength and courage, HOPE for a faithless day, and FAITH for a hopeless day.

LOOK UP, you worn, weary soldiers; whatever your sorrow may be, it is NEVER too big for the KING of the MOUNTAIN. Whatever your pain or heartbreak, your grief or discouragement, just be still about it, and KNOW that He is God. He hasn't forgotten you.

He hears your cries, but, remember, His clock ticks at an altogether different rhythm from ours, his steps are planned to perfection, His voice is often quiet and almost too hard to discern. Pray for wisdom to know and ears to hear.

He will give you both. I promise.



Tina Dee Books said...

Cozy to be here!

paul moelker said...

so true, thanks for the reminder`s

go4it said...

What an inspiration you are Sharlene. I had been feeling very low this week and your words lifted me up and put my mind and emotions on a higher level. I have put a shortcut on my desktop to keep reading your blog.
Sophie Edwards, Auckland, New Zealand

Sharlene MacLaren said...

Tina, Paul, and Sophie, thank you so very much for your kind words. I always pray in earnest that something I say or do, no matter how little, will make a positive impact on somone's heart.

Take care of yourselves. Can't believe tomorrow's Wednesday already!

Hugs to all of you!

Jewel Sample said...

Sometimes it is difficult to stop and listen to the voice of God when one is in the midst of chaos. I am thankful that God uses people to remind us to stop and acknowledge God is in control and knows your next step. Thank you for sharing.

Loree Lough said...

We will miss you, dear lady! I pray you'll enjoy a safe trip there and back and that the weather will be glorious the whole time you're in Florida!

Stop in and say hello when you can. And when you can't, know that you're in our thoughts!

Hugs to you and Cec,