Sunday, November 01, 2009


Yes, I am mourning. Deeply. But not in the way you might think--praise God. No, my mourning is probably what you'd term shallow and insignificant in light of the bigger scope of things because, you see, it involves my stomach and taste buds. Here's the is the end of another season. Concord grape season, that is, and I'm sad. I never get enough of those delicate, juicy, straight-off-the-vine, deep purple, seedy, candy-like treats! I mean, really, just look at them, would you...

The beauty of them is that you can walk right up to the vine, pull off a marvelous, untouched cluster, and pop them straight into your mouth! I am sad to say I don't have a vine in my backyard, but my friend does, and this year he dropped off bags and bags of them, hanging the plastic grocery sacks on my doorknob--at first anonymously until I caught him in the act one time. ha!

I ate every last one, too, because the season is so short and you have to wait a full year to experience their savory sweetness again. I suppose if the season went on forever, as several other variety of grapes do, I wouldn't be so hooked, but then again it might be all I'd ever eat, and in the end I'd pay. (Umm, no pun intended in that last sentence. ha!)

There is really no point to this blog other than I needed a break from my other writing, the manuscript which is due on November 15. Yow! Do you know what a strange feeling it is to look on Amazon and find you have a book already on pre-order that isn't even finished yet? Yikes-Bikes!!! Back at it. (I have to go kill somebody, my manuscript, that is!)

I love you all!


Nise' said...

There is a vine of them on my walk route and everytime I wanted to grab some as I went by. I refrained as there are plenty in my in-laws backyard! Yummy.

Get back to writing!

CatMom said...

YUM!! Those grapes sound (and look!) WONDERFUL. ~ I'm sure you'll get your manuscript finished and that will be another awesome Sharlene Maclaren book for your fans to read!! :)
Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

K.M. Weiland said...

"Candy off the vine" - I like that. Nobody beats God's sweets! We don't have grapes around here, but fresh raspberries and strawberries are heavenly!

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

Shar, I totally agree with you on the Concords. They're wonderful. I jealous that you have access to them in season. I haven't savored one in years. (Perhaps my yearning for them is why I mention them in the ms I just finished.)Neat blog!