Monday, December 12, 2011


Are you smarter than a five-year-old?

Yesterday, our family was just getting ready to sit down to Sunday dinner when my husband glanced out the window at the backyard and said to our grandkids, "Just think, kids, in another month or so there'll be lots of snow on the ground, and we can go outside and play in it." Without skipping a beat our five-year-old grandJOY, Dylan, piped up in a scolding voice, "Papa, it's not about THAT; it's about the baby Jesus coming to the earth to save us from our sins."

I could tell he'd heard that line before and had been looking for the perfect opportunity to use it on someone, and in his eyes this particular instance seemed perfect. Of course, we all agreed - even though my husband's comment had nothing to do with Christmas.

Later, that sweet remark coming from my darling grandson's innocent heart got me to reflecting. Had I overspent on gifts - again? Was I dropping enough money into the bell-ringer's red bucket? Could I be praying harder and doing more for those less fortunate than I? Did I carry a heavy enough burden for others? What more could I be doing to make someone else's Christmas more joyful? This morning in my prayer time I asked the Lord to rearrange my Christmas priorities. I want this season to be more about HIM and OTHERS and less about ME.

"Lord, reveal Your heart of goodness to me that I may be a bright and generous vessel of love, hope, and goodwill to those in need. Give me childlike vision for this beautiful season. In Your Name I pray. Amen."

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