Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Thirty-six and counting! That's how many years it's been since my darling hubby and I tied the knot!

It was September 1975, and I had reached a pinnacle point in my life. I was 27 and "honeyless" - in other words, no sweetie pie to call my own. (boo-hoo) I had begun to think I might never find "Mr. Right". And then...WELL...let me just tell you.

Cecil is four years younger than I, so, although we were always very good friends - of the brotheryly/sisterly type - we didn't see ourselves EVER falling in love. I had known him since the ripe age of 11, and at 13, my oldest brother married his oldest sister. Our two families meshed and we were constantly together at church, picnics, celebrations, weddings, and holiday gatherings. So, it was only natural he and I would grow up best friends. Through the years we both fell in and out of love countless times, just not with each other. And we always kept each other abreast of our latest love interests.

Then came the day he asked me to pick him up at the airport after his four-year stint in the air force had come to an end. I happily agreed. It would be great to see my long lost buddy again with whom I'd only exchanged letters and shared a few phone calls.

But I'll tell you what - when he got off the plane that day, something inside me went, 'Whoa, baby, when did he grow up?' And when he placed a short, gentle, friendly kiss ON MY LIPS I nearly melted into a puddle of smush. It was that tiny first kiss that did it for me!

One week later - after having spent every spare moment together - he kissed me again - and then again - and then AGAIN. And we asked each other where we'd been all our lives. And then he told me he loved me - and would I be his wife?

Oh, my gracious - it was love at first, well, I can't say 'sight' because the first time I saw him he was about six and I was 10, so I'll just say it was love at first 'kiss'! After that magical September kiss in 1975, we could NOT wait to get married, so, three months later on December 20, we made forever vows to each other.

Ain't love the grandest thing ever? And I have a dozen roses on my kitchen island to prove that we're still going strong.


Anonymous said...

What a neat story Sharlene !! my wife and I just celebrated 18 years of marriage !!
Here is our story..(Ready?)
We met years ago working in the Spooner Wisconsin Nursing home..Pam said she always liked My being so fun and full of life..( Pam was married before and had three kids..three 1990 her Husband and oldest son died in the same year.).. we worked together for awhile before we started talking and getting to know each other..and one day the Lord told me to ask her out for I did..and after our first date we had a kiss and that sealed it forever..Oh and talk about being through the tough times..while we were dating we were in a car accident and her mom died at the scene..and a week later her father died while in florida..
Love is great thing and helps overcome the dark days..

SHARLENE said...

Jim!!! OH. MY. WORD!!!! I cannot believe all the tragedy you and your wife have had to endure. Praise God she had YOU to help her through her devastating losses. Thank you so much for sharing. You two certainly can vouch for the fact that God knew what He was doing when he brought you together.

Anonymous said...

I am so Glad I listened to God and not went my way..
also a follow up on how awesome God is when he brings people together..when we got wife and I could not have any children...this is what the doctors said..God spoke and we have two beautiful girls..and 6 Grandchildren

Heidi Wojahn said...

Oh, what a cute, sweet, romantic story. And Congratulations on your anniversary yesterday. Just thought I would share my story too (though it hasn't been that long of a marriage, yet). My husband and I met July 17th, 2007, and we fell in love instantly. Well, soon after he asked me to marry him, and by August 8th, 2007 (yes only two weeks later, tee hee) we were married. And I have been so beyond blessed to be married to him. He treats me like a queen, and that the sun rises and sets with me.

Also on a side note, my parents have been married 36 years as well. They were married in June of '75.


Rick said...

We've known each other for a long time but that story was news to me. Thank you for sharing it as a testimony to God's graciousness to you and Cecil. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Jody Smith said...

Loved reading your story! Thank you for sharing it.

Happy Anniversary!

Nise' said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!