Monday, January 24, 2011


My daughter and her hubby gutted their kitchen for a full remodeling project, so for the last couple of months their jet black kitty has made her home with us. I think she's going home tomorrow, though (boohoo), and I'm going to miss her, so I thought I'd take a picture of her sprawled out on the bed with my Himalayan/Siamese. They have grown to become good buddies.

Aren't they cute?


And by the way, I've been on a "blog roll" the last couple of days, so if you haven't checked out the previous posts, don't forget to do it. YOU'LL MAKE MY DAY! Oh, and make a comment, too, as I always get so giddy when people do that.

Giant HUGS!!!!!


Diane M. said...

So cute!! Are they bed hogs? Our three pin me down every night.

SHARLENE said...

They both like to start out in bed with us, but they don't stay much beyond a half-hour. They have house prowling to do you know. Important stuff like that.

Nise' said...

That is awesome that they get along! You Hi/Si is so pretty, I miss my Sookie.

CatMom said...

PRECIOUS kitties!!! The black one looks so much like my kitty Moses! LOVE that shiny black fur. :)
Hugs from Georgia,
Patti Jo