Thursday, January 20, 2011

CAN ANYBODY RELATE? (Umm, calling all 'oldsters'...)

An elderly husband and wife were suffering with some memory issues and during a recent checkup their doctor assured them they were in good health but advised they start jotting down notes to aid them in remembering things. Later that night while watching TV the wife asked the husband to get her a bowl of ice cream. The old man got out of his chair to head for the kitchen.

"You better write it down or you'll forget," his wife said.

"No I won't. You want a bowl of ice cream."

"I want some strawberries on it. You better write that down or you'll forget it."

"I can remember that," he argued. "You want ice cream with strawberries."

"Oh, I also want some whipped cream on top. You better write it down, though, or you'll forget that for sure."

"I won't forget!" he said, irritated. "You want a bowl of ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream on top."

Twenty-minutes passed before the old guy finally scuffled back into the TV room with a plate of bacon and eggs.

His wife leaned forward to stare at the plate of food. "Hey, where's my toast?"


Anne Payne said...

LOL... Where do you get these things?!? That's so hilarious!!!

DLoven said...

Cute! I am beginning to relate to this type of incident more every day.

CatMom said...

LOVE it!!! ;)
Hugs, Patti Jo