Sunday, November 28, 2010


We had our kids and grands over last night for supper and the decorating of the Christmas tree and a bunch of cookies. Oh, what a fun and "gooey" time we had!

Here's Dylan, trying his hand at decorating a cookie. (Notice the tongue action.)

And here's his sister Lexi giving cookie decorating her first-ever try!

And this is Gavin saying, "Kafooey with the cookie decorating. I wonder what these sprinkles taste like!"

Here are a few of the "masterpieces"! Aren't you impressed?

Dylan is hanging the ornament of his choice!

Lexi is hanging an ornament with her name on it!

Gavin has found the perfect place to hang his ornament. (Yes, we had to do some major rearranging later.)

And - walah! - this is the finished product! What do you think?

Praying all of you have a glorious December!


suzette said...

Great pictures Shar! Our babies are sooooooo sweeeeet! What a blessing they are!

SHARLENE said...

Hi, Suzette! Thanks for your comment. Yep, our babies are PRECIOUS! LOVE what they bring to our lives. Pure JOY!

Nise' said...

Your grandkids are adorable. Did they eat all the cookies yet? I spent the weekend reading instead of decorating!

Rick said...

Those are great memories you are making! Now that we have (barely) entered into Grandparentsland, we are looking forward to similar kinds of experiences. Some day we'll have to get together for lunch or something!

SHARLENE said...

Rick!!!!! YES, YES, let's get together - soon! I didn't know you guys had stepped over the grandparent threshold. Congratulations. Great times ahead.


CatMom said...

LOVED this post, sweet Shar! And oh my! Your grandkiddos are SOOO PRECIOUS I wanted to reach out and squeeze them through my computer screen, LOL! (seriously, they are sooo adorable). ~ Viewing your pics always makes me really look forward to having grandbabies one day, Lord willing. Such FUN! ~ I hope you and your family will have a very blessed Christmas season! Love, Patti Jo :)