Wednesday, April 22, 2009

UPDATE!!! Do you LIKE the mole or HATE it? DECISION MADE!

Okay, all you wonderful blog world friends who have been kind enough to cast your votes for or against the mole on my character's face. (Some will remember my post of Wednesday, 4/15 saying I got a glance at my "tentative" book cover design, and my character had a mole on her face I wasn't expecting to see.)

Well, this whole thing has had me going for a few days. I asked a ton of people (here on my blog, over at SHOUTLIFE, and also at FACEBOOK) what they thought, and the "vote" went straight down the middle, those in favor of it saying it made her more "relatable", less than picture perfect, and those against it saying it distracted them and they just plain didn't care for it.

Here's the verdict: I think I'm inclined to say I don't want it -- NOT because I don't find it attractive, but more because I never mentioned anything about her having it in "Hannah Grace" or "Maggie Rose", the previous two books in the series. It seems like if she had a mole, it'd be a somewhat significant thing to mention, especially since Hannah seemed to be the one who felt the most inferior looks-wise when comparing herself to her sisters.

So there you have it. I am NOT against facial moles -- well, unless they bounce and have hairs coming out of them. Then I'm not fond of them at all.

I AM fond of all of you, though!

WARM Hugs...

And now if you look at the cover I have posted above, you'll see how she looks WITHOUT the mole!

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