Monday, April 13, 2009



I don't know who the primary instigator was--my blue-eyed, blond-haired friend, Cindy--or me. All I know is that whenever I got into trouble, Cindy was usually my partner. And it was usually a hot summer day when trouble brewed. This particular day was no exception.

Cindy lived right next door to me, and on the other side of me were the Dennis's. Next to the Dennis family lived Ralph and Vera Miles, Cindy's lovely grandparents. They were so nice, which makes it difficult to understand why we did this naughty thing. We spent many hours at Grandma and Grandpa Miles' house, helping "Grandma" plant her spring flowers, swimming at their beach (because they had a sandy one with a nice dock and raft--and no seaweed!), and eating her homemade goodies, of which she always had a plentiful supply. She also had the best soda crackers. I'm not talking saltines, either. I'm talking soda crackers. I still love those things.

One day Cindy and I decided to go to Grandma Miles' house and see about getting some of those soda crackers and maybe some of her fresh-brewed sweet iced tea. Trouble was, no one was home when we knocked on the door. We peered through the jalousie window at that spotless kitchen, mouths watering when we spotted the box of crackers sitting in their usual spot, right between the flour and sugar canisters. Cindy gave the door a jiggle, but it was locked. What to do. We tried the door a few more times, then walked around to the back, hoping to find that door unlocked, but no such luck. So then we did the unthinkable. We started fishing for sticks or anything we could find to pick the lock.

We jammed several sticks into the lock, but to no avail. And then Cindy found a nail, which worked perfectly. We were in! We headed straight for the crackers, and then started opening up cupboard doors to see what other treasures we might lay hold of. Ah, what a delight to find ourselves inside that sunny kitchen, the crackers--and everything else for that matter--at our disposal.

But then something terrible happened. Cindy's mother appeared--as if out of nowhere! It was her usual sunbathing time--11:30, and she had come to use the beach. (We should have known, but we weren't the best planners, or burglars, for that matter.)

OH. MY. STARS! Was she ever mad to discover us robbing her parents' house. Not only did she swat Cindy's bottom, she came after me--only I escaped in the nick of time, running and screaming back to my house. I found my mother sitting in the living room sewing a dress. I leaped into her lap and immediately confessed my extreme naughtiness. Mom was peeved at me, and, of course, went to talk to Cindy's mom (I stayed home) to discuss the matter. We were both "jailed" for a period, but unfortunately, that didn't stop us from committing future "crimes".

Stay tuned for the continuing saga...

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