Sunday, March 06, 2011


Last night my daughter called to say our four-year-old grandson had some news to share with us, so I put the phone on speaker so hubby could hear too, and we waited for the news. "I asked Jesus in my heart tonight," came his soft voice over the airwaves. GASP! "Dylan!!!" we both exclaimed in unison. "That's wonderful. We're so happy for you and Jesus! There must be a party going on in Heaven."

Our conversation continued complete with our two-year-old granddaughter squealing in the background that she wanted to tell us something too. So her mother put her on the phone next. "I went POOP!" she exclaimed. "No, you didn't," her mother said. Of course, we all laughed. She actually DID use the potty...about two months ago, and I guess that memory is still fresh in her mind, just not fresh enough to make her want to continue the practice. ha!

Anyway, what a joy to watch first our own children reach a saving knowledge of Christ at young ages, but then THEIR children. For me, there is no greater satisfaction in life than knowing I shall spend eternity with my earthly family. This is what it's all about in MY book, living out Christ in such a way as to motivate our children and our children's children to follow by example.


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Sharlene, That's wonderful!

CatMom said...

Praising Jesus for this most wonderful news!!!
Love, Patti Jo :)

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Thank you, lovely ladies!