Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"The TEN-YEAR Good-bye"...

This is a picture of my mom holding my first grandson 4 years ago. She was almost 93-years-old in this photo and already into her 6th year of diagnosed Alzheimer's Disease. First of all, let me say that Alzheimer's is an ugly, horrendous, disgusting ailment that robs one of his/her dignity not to mention brain cells. (We spent ten years preparing ourselves for Mom's end. Heartrending.) Every living, breathing brain cell eventually gives in to this debilitating disease, and if something doesn't take its victim before the disease does, it will be the Alzheimer's that finally steals away that last breath--because the brain will finally run out of power to tell the vital organs what to do. Sorry for the disarming start to this blog.
The good news is this: WE SERVE A RISEN SAVIOR, and MY MOM KNEW HIM WELL! She is with Him now, in fact, as of January 28 and in two days (the 12th), she'll spend her 97th birthday with Jesus, my dad, her parents, two sisters, and a host of other loved ones gone before. What a reunion!
As Mother's Day came and went this year, I thought a great deal about my beloved mother and, ironically, on her birthday my sis-in-law and I are going to finish cleaning her house and preparing it for a realtor's walk-through. Surprisingly, I am not troubled by this. I'm dreading it, yes, only because I know the job will be overwhelming, but I'm not sad about walking into her house because I know she's enjoying a brand new home, one beyond our wildest, most vivid imaginations.
We live in temporary bodies, my sweet friends, and every time I look in the mirror to find another spot or wrinkle on my face I'm reminded all the more of that fact. This skin that holds our frail shells together will one day succumb to death (don't mean to be morbid here), and we will ALL go to one of two places.
Let me just say this: nothing on earth holds more value than making sure we've secured our eternal vacation in Heaven.

Have you made your reservations?


Mary Proctor said...

My mom went home in '98 and I remembered cleaning out her closet, taking each garment and hugging it as if she were still in it, and breathing in the scent of her perfume.
As I placed each one on a pile for distribution, I don't recall crying, just was glad to have that private time to do it. I knew where she was and rejoiced for her.
My time is coming... and I look forward to it.

Ashley Ludwig said...


Thank you for this sweet post...As I always tell my girls when they see their daddy stoically grieving for his mother, those are tears of those left behind. Someday we'll all be together again...

Your heart shows through each word. Look forward to learning more about you.


Rehoboth said...

My mother moved to Heaven on March 24th. It was seven years from the time she was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease. Even with all of the goodbyes as she digressed stage by stage, we still weren't ready for her last battle at the end.

I cannot, would not wish her back in that condition. I know I will see her again. George MacDonald wrote that death is God's final victory over illness. Thanks be to God that we do not have to live in these sin-ridden bodies forever.

Nise' said...

Love the smile on your mom's face as she holds the baby!

I like your attitude as you look in the mirror and see the changes, I need to adopt that attitude! And, yes, my reservation has been secured!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this very positive side of loss. Hope eternal!

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