Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay, all you MILLIONS of peeps, here is the video you have ALL been asking me to make. (jk) WARNING: It's STUPID!

I am a total glutton for punishment I guess--that, and I have no compunctions about making an utter fool of myself. If you care to watch and be bored out of your mind, just give a click on the arrow.



CatMom said...

Oh are soooo CUTE!! I enjoyed your video AND getting to see Peyton! What a handsome boy he is! Love, Patti Jo

Nise' said...

Shar, you crack me up! I have looked down in a mirror as well, YIKES, it is scary. A trick (I learned the hard way) when doing your videos is to put your chair on the lowest setting or put your computer higher than you.

Peyton is so handsome! I love your dangly earrings too.

Just finished Abbie Ann and loved it my friend.

SHARLENE said...

Nise', okay, dumb question here: what do you mean by putting my chair on the lowest setting? I was sitting on the floor. Also, I did prop my laptop on a pillow on my lap, but I don't think I had it quite high enough.
I prefer to use my desktop actually, but whenever I go to the Adobe settings page, the box freezes. My clicks on "Allow anyone to view this" are in vain. I've tried everything I can think of to "unfreeze" it, but to no avail. Ugh. Any ideas? (I have a Mac)

Uh, never mind about lowering the setting on my chair. I just figured out what you meant. Duh.

Hello, precious Patti Jo. Still praying for you every day!

Kym McNabney said...

That was very cute. Love your dog. I foster for Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois. Though we already have two dogs, we just adopted Hammie from Collie Rescue. He's part collie, and a wonderful dog. Collie's have the best nature.

Love your blog. Lots of neat things.

Diane said...

Your video cracked me up in a good way. I loved the rawness and you did a better job than I could ever do. You have a beautiful heart that shines through! :O)

SHARLENE said...

Kym, I noticed awhile back that you worked with collie rescue. When I was looking for my Peyton, I considered collie rescue, but I couldn't find any in my area that were young enough. (The pictures made me sad 'cause I wanted every one of them!!) Anyway, as it turns out, we are treating Peyton like a rescue dog. He came to us at 5 months without a name and knowing no commands. He was also full of sores and had chewed the hair right off his hind legs from itching. I took him to the vet the next day, and he had developed a staph infection. (flea bites were the culprit) Along with all his physical problems, which are all clear now, he has a lot of insecurity issues. Very timid and afraid of EVERYTHING. But--he's making progress with lots of praise and treats.

Diane, you are so sweet to have watched that video. I tell you, I don't know why I make them other than they are just pure, plain fun to do! And it takes me out of the grind of working if for only a few minutes.

Love and Hugs!!!

Kym McNabney said...


That’s great that you were considering a collie from Collie Rescue. And you most certainly can count your Peyton as a rescue dog. Love the name. He’s so lucky to have you. And so very cute!

My Standard Poodle came from a horrible situation as well. I know the woman was running a puppy mill situation. He was all skin and bones when I got him at three months, and had two kinds of worms. One kind you only get from flea infested areas the vet told me.

I’ve thought about one day writing a romance with the main character fostering Collies and mentioning Collie Rescue in the author’s notes. Yes, I like to dream big.

Blessings, and thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Shar...I just found your blog via Nise' at Under The Board Walk and I absolutely love you!!!! You lit up my day and I thank you!

Peyton is a beautiful dog and I'm sure as time goes by will be less timid.

Writa said...

You are a brave gal! I'd only attempt that if I had a script of some sort! I guess all those years as a teacher gave you the hutzpah.
I'm a published Aussie writer but I'm trying to break into the US market. I have Joyce Hart as my agent, but she's been laid up with a crook back. All that to say I enjoyed your ease and honesty!!!
Rita Galieh from Sydney, Australia