Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Summer Winding Down ALREADY?

I love my hibiscus bush, but when it blossoms I know what it signifies - the winding down of summer. Oh, I hate to see it come so soon, this changing of the seasons. Fall, to me, is usually a solemn occasion for it means dragging out the jackets, digging for mittens and scarves, and dusting off the boots. Granted, autumn is beautiful in Michigan - the array of colors can be breathtaking - but it also means closing the pool, putting away the swimsuits and beach towels, taking down the gazebo, putting away the lawn chairs, and putting UP the convertible top! Around here preparing for winter is a regular event!

But... I guess change is inevitable, and without it we wouldn't grow or experience the wonders of creation. I don't look forward to saying, "Bye-bye, summer," but this year I DO look forward to something else, something quite spectacular, actually - which makes the end of summer much easier to swallow. It's scheduled to happen on October 24, 2011. What is it, you ask? Why, it's the arrival of my third grandson!

As summer winds down, there is a sort of excitement stirring within me at the thought of the changing colors, frosty air, pumpkins, dry leaves, football, marching bands, and, yes, even the heavy coats.

New life is upon us, and I can hardly wait to embrace it!


Anonymous said...

Oh Shar, I am so happy for you for the special Oct. arrival! Congrats to you & your family! GOD bless & enjoy all of the little ones! Hope you sell a million copies of your books too! :) Always, Katie

SHARLENE said...

Thank you, Katie!!! So good to hear from you!

Nise' said...

Love your new look! I don't like to say goodbye to summer either. How wonderful it is that you have something so awesome to look forward to!

SHARLENE said...

Nise', there is nothing like a brand new baby to chase the blues away. (smiles) Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for liking my "new look".

Nancee said...

"New life is upon us, and I can hardly wait to embrace it!"

Amen! I'm embracing her as often as I can, and soon you'll be embracing another in your loving arms! Just think about it - if we feel this incredible love for our children and grandchildren, how
much more must God "feel" for us
Love, Nancee

SHARLENE said...

Nancee, you are so right about the depth of God's love for each of us. Thanks for that reminder.

CatMom said...

How exciting!! Welcoming a new GRANDbaby! *smile* I am thrilled for you, and look forward to viewing LOTS of photos of the new little one. ~ I am looking forward to one day having grandchildren (Lord willing)but in the meantime I am thrilled for my friends who are already Grandparents! ~ And I must confess--even though ALL the seasons are wonderful, my VERY favorite is Autumn! :)
Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

SHARLENE said...

Patti Jo, I bet your favorite season is Autumn because it's a welcome relief from your HOT summer, am I right? My autumn is a reminder that winter is coming. 'Course, like I said in my post, I won't mind it at all this year with a brand new baby to warm my heart and soul.
Someday you will discover the joys of grandparenting.