Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Gertie Pridmore is the town's librarian in Sandy Shores, Michigan. Yep, Gertie's a fictional character in my Daughters of Jacob Kane series, and you can meet her in the book titled Abbie Ann, BUT...she's also a REAL person who lives in Lakeland, Florida.

I first "met" Gertie online more than a year ago before I started writing Abbie Ann. Her friend and fellow church librarian, Judy Locke first wrote to me to tell me she'd been reading and enjoying my books and putting them in the Scott Lake Baptist Church library. She mentioned that Gertie Pridmore had snatched them up as quick as they came in, though, making Judy wait in line to read them. When I first read Gertie's name in Judy's email I thought to myself, 'What a PERFECT name for one of my book's characters.' I loved its old-fashioned sound. My daughter said, "Mom, that name sounds perfect for a librarian!" Thus, I dubbed Gertie Pridmore my librarian!

The real Gertie and I have been keeping tabs on each other ever since, and she's pretty excited to have her name featured in my book. A couple of weeks ago a lady from her church, Jimme Sherfey, designed a beautiful bulletin board in their church just outside their library, so Gertie thought I'd get a kick out of seeing it. I was honored, as I don't think I've ever had a bulletin board designed in MY honor.

Thought I'd show you a photo of the bulletin board and then also a pic of Gertie standing next to it. (Isn't that a pretty bulletin board, and, Gertie, oh, she's so sweet and special!)

Other ladies who volunteer their time in the church library are Marilyn Sullivan, LeWanna Lewis, and Mary Hobson! I LOVE church libraries and am so honored to think my books grace the shelves of so many, especially the one at Scott Lake Baptist Church in Lakeland, Florida!


Nancy said...

I may be a little prejudiced, but I think she is a pretty special lady too, even if she is my mom! This whole adventure has been so much fun, from seeing the emails when you'll write to reading the book and finding her as the town librarian. I even love how you captured her personality, although you've never met. Thanks so much for sharing your talent in the books you write. They are such a blessing!!

SHARLENE said...

Hi, Nancy! I'm so glad to meet you. Yep, you do have a special Mom--I can tell from talking to her online. Now, if we could all arrange to meet someday before we reach Heaven. Wouldn't that be grand!

Thanks for attaching those pictures to the email you sent so I could write the article in my blog.

This whole adventure has been a blast for me as much as for your mom.

Love and Hugs and all God BEST blessings, Nancy...