Saturday, June 05, 2010


I think I'll choose red font for ALERT! My "puppy" is 9-months-old and growing! Cecil calls him the "terrible-twos-toddler"--and he's not far off. To date, he (not Cecil) has wrecked three pairs of my favorite sandals, chewed a little corner of fabric off my new floral chair, peed on the floor (more than once), jumped on top of Cecil when he was in a dead sleep to avoid having to go night-night in his big wire crate, figured out four times how to get out of it (he shakes it or something while we're gone...we don't know. We're thinking about putting a camera on him.), eaten things that should never go through a dog's digestive system, destroyed bunches of the kids' pool toys (like those styrofoam noodles), and--and--let's see, I know there's more, but I'll stop there. I think you get the idea.

Here's a picture of him insisting he can fit in this chair. He will scrunch up and twist and turn until he gets semi-comfortable, sleep for about five minutes, then give into the floor again. As much as he IS a stinker, I do have to say I love him. Yes, he's the complete opposite of our wonderful, laid back, 11-year-old Dakota boy who we had to put down just over four months ago, but this little corker is "growing" on me.

However, if he continues having peeing accidents I don't know what I'll do--start borrowing my grandson's pullups maybe? But wait! He'd eat them! Pray for us.



Nise' said...

He is too handsome to be such a naughty boy!

CatMom said...

Wow, Shar! Sounds like you really do have a toddler on your hands, LOL! But even though he's a stinker, he is SOOO ADORABLE! And I'm sure you must "melt" when you look at that precious face. ~ But for your sake, I do hope he will calm down soon! ;)
Love, Patti Jo

SHARLENE said...

Patti Jo, yep, he's adorable, but adorable only goes so far... haha