Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Okay, in case you didn't know this, I had to make the HORRID decision to put my beloved 11-year-old collie down five weeks ago this morning. It was a sorrowful time that tore my heart into shreds. I mean I cried my everloving lungs out. THEN three weeks later I was in the same vet's office buying some cat food when I rec'd a phone call that my 96-year-old mom had just died. (I was planning to go visit her right after picking up the cat food.) Oh my--there are just no words to express the deep, heartrending, gut-wrenching mix of pain and emotion that follows news like that. My entire body ached from the shock of it, even though my mind told me I'd been preparing for it ever since Mom's Alzheimer's diagnosis in 2001. I discovered that day no amount of mental preparedness is sufficient.

The next few days were a whirlwind of planning, making arrangements, buying a casket, deciding what to have Mom wear, meeting with my precious family, i.e. brothers, sis-in-law, kids, nieces, nephews, etc., gathering pictures, going through mementos, losing lots of sleep, writing tributes, deciding what to say at the funeral--and on and on! Talk about an emotional five-day ride!

We were supposed to go to Florida the day my mom died, so, of course, plans changed, but then 2 days after the funeral Cecil went on without me so he could keep several appointments he'd made with clients, and it was fine with me that he went. I have actually enjoyed my solitude and quiet time to reflect. I love, love, love people, but I also enjoy the peace and rest that come from a stone-quiet house.

Well, yesterday I received in the mail a valentine from my husband. He put it in the mail a week ago
BEFORE he even knew I was about to go into puppy-shopping mode. Enclosed in the BEAUTIFUL valentine was a letter to me and a blank check, telling me that when I felt ready I was to purchase the puppy of my choice. Let me tell you, I could not believe his precious generosity because he is NOT a dog person. We have had a dog all our married life (almost 35 years) because of ME. And now he was endorsing my getting another dog. Because he loves me!

Well, as some of you know--if you read the blog before this one--I picked out my puppy and showed you some pictures of him. (Go back and check them out!) The pup's in Florida, exactly where Cecil is right now on business. So, he is going to swing by and pick him up on his way north early this Saturday and drive the 1200 miles home with him. Can you imagine a non-dog-loving person doing that? It's because he LOVES me!!!

My pup's name is Peyton (after Peyton Manning, our favorite Colts quarterback) because I found him online on Super Bowl Sunday.

I LOVE MY WONDERFUL, GENEROUS, HONORABLE, SACRIFICIAL, ADORING HUSBAND!!!! And let me just say this, he "gets" me when it comes to my love of dogs, and especially collies.

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K.M. Weiland said...

How lovely! I adore dogs, so I can imagine how painful the loss of your Collie must have been. Enjoy the puppy!