Friday, April 18, 2008


I am way more than a grown woman. I'm going to be 60 years old this summer! I'M A GRANDMOTHER, for Pete's sake. So why do I still find myself doing the most childish things just to get a laugh? My darling hubby is forever pressing me in the side during church--or at funerals or weddings--if I start talking to someone next to me, or, worse, get the giggles. (IMAGINE! Who does he think he is???)

Well, onto my story...

Tonight, I was sitting in a very important church business meeting with about 200 in attendance (IN THE SECOND ROW, OF COURSE), my best girlfriend, Debbie, and her hubby sitting on my right, my husband up on the platform discussing church budget matters. I mean this is serious. He is our church administrator.

Out of boredom, I looked in my purse for a mint and laid eyes on a little McDonalds' toy my grandson had gotten in a Happy Meal last week when Cecil and I took him to lunch. It is the butt-ugliest little toy I've ever seen. It must be a character from some movie, but I haven't the first clue which one. It's hot pink and black and round, and has these weird little moveable arms that when you pull them upward, a LOUD song comes blaring out. I knew this, of course.

Feeling mischievous, I handed the toy to my girlfriend and whispered, "Here's a present for you."

She picked it up, studied it, smiled, and said, "Gee, thanks. What is it?"

"I don't know. It's Dylan's. It's been in my purse since Saturday. Isn't it weird looking?"

"It's a little disco dancer or something."

She tossed the toy on the pew and gave her full attention back to my "serious" husband.

The place was just too quiet for its own good. I mean, really.

DON'T ask me why I did it, but I reached down and pulled that toy's arms up. I knew what would happen, mind you, but something in me just wanted to create a stir. I'm naughty, what can I say?

Well, the LOUD blast from that hideous little toy vibrated our pew. Debbie nearly jumped out of her pants and started giggling while I fussed with the thing, trying to find an OFF button. There had to be one somewhere, but nope. It was one of those toys that HAS to play itself out to the bitter end. The pews behind us started cracking up. One lady leaned forward and whispered, "I've known for years someone should've separated you two!"

Well, our shoulders shook for the next three minutes while my husband tried to conduct business. My mascara ran, and so did Debbie's, but oh well. What about my Debbie's hubby, Rich? I think he moved about three feet away from us.

After the meeting, someone came up to me and said, "Haven't you learned yet how to put that thing on vibrator mode?" Hahaha! He thought it was my cell phone ringing. I love that.

I know your question--was Cecil mad at me for causing the disruption? Nope. After 32 years, he's learned I'm a bit hard to control at times, and he just accepts it and loves me anyway!

And so does my Heavenly Father. WOW!

Isn't it great that with all our quirks, faults, goofiness, mistakes, and imperfections, we can still count on our God to love us unconditionally? Whew! I'd be up a crick if He didn't.




Rich & Darcie said...

I'm sorry I missed the meeting! That is histarical! I can just see your shoulders shaking uncontrollably. Laughter is such fun. I love to laugh with you!


Greta said...

So that is what made all that noise down in your neck of the worship center. It must of echoed throughout the whole place. It was funny, though. I didn't know you were that naughty, children and grandchildren beware!

Joy Ike said...

That picture of you in the blue is soooo splendid!!!