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Monday, February 11, 2008 - 10:40 AM
Okay, I just have to tell you about a dream my husband had, but first let me preface this by saying that in 32 years of marriage, most of our hysterical laughter has taken place in bed. Don't take that wrong, please. I'm just saying we lie there and, while we're talking and exchanging stories about our day or week, we start laughing about the silliest things, and pretty soon we're rolling. (Okay, now get your minds back out of the gutter!) I'm serious here.

Did you ever wake yourself up laughing? I've done it many times, but when it happens, my husband's too tired to ask why I'm laughing, so the next morning I've forgotten my dream, which is always such a bummer, especially if it was a good one. Sometimes, I simply wake him up and say, "Listen to this one!" He loves when I do that. Not.

In Cecil's case, If I hear him laughing in the middle of the night, I sit straight up in bed--no matter the time--shake him out of his sleep--and ask, "What's so funny?" ((Ask now while it's fresh in his mind, right? That's the way I see it anyway.))

Anyway, maybe it's because we have two pregnant daughters, one ready to deliver most any day, the other in a few months, that he had a dream about a little orphan boy. (That alone got me laughing.) As the dream went, this little orphan lived in a big, tall building, and for some reason, Cecil was put in charge of the boy one day a week, and I took responsibility for him twice a week.
(Don't ask.) We would pick him up "on our days" and hang out and play games. Awe....aren't we nice?

I'm like 'what was his name-this orphan boy?' Cecil stared at me in the dark. "That's the weird part. His name was Equipple Meter".

At this point I lost it. I'm rolling - no matter that it's 3 a.m. "Equipple what?"

"Meter," he says, chuckling.


"I don't know!"

"How do you spell it?" I asked, hysterical.

He started laughing full out now. "I guess E-q-u-i-p-p-l-e M-e-t-e-r."

"Wait!" I said, turning to my bedside stand to turn on the light and grab a pen and tablet. "I have to write this down! So Meter's his last name or his middle name?" I asked, still laughing my head off. When you're tired everything seems funnier.

He said, "I have NO IDEA!"

See, if you're not tired, you're probably reading this and thinking, these people get the "WEIRD" AWARD!'s what I have written on my tablet word-for-word...
Orphan boy
Cecil 1 X
Shar 2 X
Equipple Meter

I laid the tablet down, turned the light off, still chuckling to myself, and settled back under the covers. Staring at the ceiling, I started back in again. "Okay, so here's the scenario. Let's just say that we both died in our sleep. It was, of course, an unexplained tragedy. Anyway, days later, while our girls are going through our stuff, they find this tablet, and on it, it says, 'Orphan boy, Cecil 1 time, Shar 2 times - Equipple Meter.' They're going to wonder for the rest of their lives!!!!!!" That, of course, brought on another round of laughter!

And so it went - until we drifted off to sleep - exhausted and content.

You must realize this is the man who, several years ago, also awoke in the middle of the night saying, "Oh, that was bad."
"What?" I asked. (I never miss an opportunity to drag out one of his dreams.)
"The milk, the mud, and the mudfat. We had to eat it for days."
"What? I asked. "We had to eat what?"
He pulled the covers over him and turned over. "I told you. The MILK AND THE MUD AND MUDFAT. Oh, I don't know, manna."
I couldn't get anything else out of him. He'd already gone back to sleep.

I wrote that one down, too!

There is NO POINT whatever to this blog except to say this, "THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER!" When you created us, you thought of everything, right down to a sense of humor, something necessary for the lifting of spirits and even the healing of our bodies.

Laughter is such great medicine. I hope you have a healthy dose of it today and in the days to come.

Hugs and God's richest blessings of Joy upon your life...


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Greta said...

Could be an interesting story. You know: "Little boy named Eqipple Meter who lives in a far away land. His whole family died in a tragic accident, leaving him to fend for himself. As an orphan life was very difficult, this little boy stayed in the family home thinking that someday someone would come to visit. For a while there was plenty of food to eat and milk to drink. ..." and I don't want to take up to much space but you get the idea. Enjoying the laughter you bring our way.

Gwen said...

Funny Shar! It's bad enough that I ask Dennis too many questions right before he falls asleep. I'm not so sure he would appreciate it in the middle of the night, but glad you and Cecil can... keep on laughing.