Saturday, October 06, 2007


WENDY JO BAKER IS MARRIED--WHOO-HOO! Wendy (Baker) Hodgin is my beloved niece, sort of my "double" niece, as my oldest brother married my husband's oldest sister. Which makes their kids my nieces by blood--but also my husband's nieces by blood. Get it???? I took a few pics but realized afterward that all of the pics I took (of which I'll share a few here) were informal. I didn't really get any of the bride and groom together, or the entire bridal party. Just smidgeons of all "the fun" we had at the reception. It was a glorious, fun-filled wedding, and we thank and praise God that, even while Tim and Wendy had broken off their relationship for a few years, God had a special plan to bring them back together. I'll just write a note or two about all the pics I've included. Nothing long or involved!

My beautiful daughter, Kendy, with her best friend and cousin, Wendy!

Cecil and me waiting for our delicious meal to settle before the dancing begins!

My beautiful daughter, Krissi, with Cecil's mom and Krissi's grandma. Aren't they lovely together?

And another of Krissi and Grandma. And by the way, Krissi is giving me another grandbaby on or around March 12. Yippee-Skippy!

In the "Green Room" after the wedding. Wedding party girls and some friends are practicing their Michael Jackson "Thriller" routine. It came off without a hitch during the performance. SO cute!

More rehearsing. Don't they look serious. But then this is THRILLER we're talking about.

And MORE practicing!

My handsome nephew, Justin, talking with Cecil and a dear friend named Ray, brother to my "almost" niece, Shelly!

The groomsmen AFTER the wedding. The extra tall one is my son-in-law, and the guy next to him is the groom, my new nephew. Actually, I'm related to all those guys--but never mind.


GratefulBambina said...

Shar!!!!! this brings tears to my eyes!!!! Your family is sooo closely knit..... i can feel the closeness and the love through those photographs!!! OH, and Cec's mom ROCKS!!! :)

Shar! I *adore* the pic of you and Cecil at the table - you look very glam with your glasses on! ...and what to say about your daughters.........sigh! so beautiful!!!!!!

thank you for sharing this with us, Shar! I'm chuffed to smithereens!


Dorothy said...

This made me sit back and remember my oldest daughter's wedding two years ago. Great memories! She will soon be giving birth to their first child. I'm going to be a grandma! Yeah!

Sharlene MacLaren said...

Dorothy, thanks for stopping by! Yes, memories...My oldest daughter, married four years ago, now has a 19-month old boy (love of our lives), and our younger girl, married five years ago, is pregnant for her first. Yippee! But you already knew that, having looked at the pictures. I guess I just wanted to hear myself say it again. hee-hee. Fun stuff.

Be blessed, Dorothy! And congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first grandbaby. Oooh, you are in for so much fun!