Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm trying to break through the very thick walls of super technology, and let me tell you, this is no easy task! It'd be easy to blame it on my generation--(I graduated from college in 1971, so, yes, I'm old)--but I know many people my age who are very gifted technologically! I could blame it on the fact that I'm a woman, and I enjoy spending all my time honing in on my domestic skills, but that would be a bit of a stretch, too. And maybe I could blame my limitations on the fact that I've never been science/math/analytically gifted. Those do tie in with technology, right? Whatever the case may be, I'm struggling!

At any rate, my life is full and good--whether or not I ever master this whole "blog world".

Until next time, may God bless anyone who happens to stumble across this blog! LOL


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